The reason behind the success and popularity of the Maroubra Fun Run Event is our volunteers. They make tireless efforts to ensure the success of the event, which help us to raise fund for charity. Overall we have more than 200 volunteers who live across Sydney, NSW. They help the rotary club to carry out the entire event in the best possible manner.

However, there is an experienced team that supervise the all the volunteers and put their head together to make sure that you get an unforgettable experience. From the promotion of the event and its coverage to managing the race activities and the fest after the race, they focus on every aspect of the event. Here are the members of our team. Let’s look at their profile one by one.

Steve is the president of the Maroubra Fun Run Event for the last many years and doing an excellent job in carrying out the event peacefully and perfectly. He is the CEO of an event management company in Sydney, New South Wale, for many years, so he the right candidate for this position. Steve is also the president of the Maroubra rotary club that organise this grand event every year. He uses his knowledge, expertise and experience to guide the entire team of volunteers to plan and execute things in the most organised manner.
Steve Robinson
Although Oliver has never disappointed with this role, the rotary club always has a backup plan. If the technology fails, Aaron Maclaren will be still there with the finishing times because he is the starter and timer who do things manually. His eye for detail and a steady hand make him the right person to give the start signal on the race day. Aaron does things manually but works closely with Oliver Goodwin and shares several responsibilities related to the race events. Aaron was himself a professional runner, so he knows a lot about it.
Aaron Maclaren
Starter and Timer
Oliver helps out as race director and registrar, so he covers the technical parts of the event. It takes a lot of preparation to carry out the races, like processing the race results and sending out the reports through email. There are different types of race in the event like race walking, running, wheelchair race, marathon, etc. Moreover, all the events are divided as per age group. Oliver takes care of each and every event and makes sure that they are executed as per the plan and without any errors and confusion.
Oliver Goodwin
Race Director and Registrar
Evelyn works as the Secretary of the Maroubra Fun Run Event and needs to look after various event areas. She closely works with Steve and Olivia and helps them to execute their plans perfectly. She also needs to handle different social media platforms, where she provides updates about the event and other vital information. She also interacts with the people and resolves their queries. She is working with a digital marketing company in Sydney for the last many years. Evelyn’s skills, passion for the event, and dedication to doing something good for society are commendable.
Evelyn Perry
Secretary and Social Media
Organising Maroubra Fun Run Event involved a lot of money, particularly when your main objective is to raise funds. As the treasurer, Edward manages all our finances and also helps out in all areas of the event. He is the head of the finance department of his company based in New South Wales. Edward has done a spectacular job in organising the Maroubra Fun Run Event year after year. He takes care of the funds that are received through the tickets, fest, advertisement and so on. His hard work and dedication to a good cause have helped out event to become so successful.
Edward Holland
Olivia has been a part of this excellent event for last many years and served in various positions before finally becoming the vice-president of this event. She has completed her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from a reputed institute and currently working as managing director of a Sydney based company. Olivia always comes up with brilliant ways and concepts that have helped the rotary club of Maroubra to raise funds for charity work. She closely works with the president Steve Robinson and provides guidance to the other volunteers to ensure the event get organised in the best possible manner.
Olivia Walker
Vice President
Audrey makes sure that the website gets the attention of the maximum number of people across Sydney and New South Wales. Her main job is to promote the event as much as possible through different channels, and she has done an excellent job in the previous events. She not only promotes the Maroubra Fun Run Event on various social media platforms but also makes sure that it is covered by other electronic and print media. Audrey is working as a team member for the last three years and always come up with some innovative ideas.
Audrey Smith
Website and Promotion