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Maroubra Fun Run Event

This is one of the most popular running events in Sydney, New South Wales. Many people participate in this event, helping to raise fun for charity.

Event for All

Everyone Can Participate

No matter whether you are male or female, where you live in Sydney or NSW, how fit or old you are, anyone can participate in Maroubra Fun Run Event. It includes different styles of running, and even people on wheels can also participate.

The  best part is that these competitions are divided into different age groups to keep everything fair. You can stay fit, enjoy running and stay consistent with our grand fun run event. Our volunteers also give their best to make this event a success and help people to contribute more money to support various NGOs and charitable organisations. These organisations support cancer patients and people with mental disorder. The main objective of our event is to raise maximum funds and encourage people to live a healthy, active and better life. For more details, feel free to contact us and know everything about our fun run event.




Family Fun Run

Unforgettable Experience

Know About Maroubra Fun Run Event

Is participating in a running competition has always been on your wish list? Then Maroubra Fun Run Event is for you! This is an exceptional annual event that is celebrated in a grand way. From beginners to experienced runners, younger to elder and male to female, everyone is allowed to participate. You have the liberty to participate in walk racing, running, half marathon, family-run fun, and so on. Thousands of people participate as well as witness this exceptional event. Maroubra Fun Run Event is one of the few running events in Sydney, NSW, that get broadcast every year. All the participants pay a nominal charge to participate. The celebration after the race also attracts hundreds of people from every corner of the city and other parts of New South Wales. From delicious food and drinks to music and other activities, you will find everything there.

This event helps us to raise funds for charity purposes. Since its inception, this event has collected millions of dollars for many charitable organisations. We want people to be able to stay fit and healthy while doing something good for society. This is the chance for you to get on those running shoes and start your track record here. It is also a fun event where you can make great memories and have a gala time running with your family and friends. Make a day out of it and enjoy running with pride and get set racing around while raising money for a noble cause. You will surely feel better at the end of this event and would have helped a lot of people.

Categories of Race

To make the Maroubra Fun Run Event more entertaining and expand its reach, we include different categories. The categories are mentioned below.


In the racing segment, you should register if you have practice, strength and a lot of technical knowledge to compete in this kind of event. However, as the main objective of our event is celebration and fundraising, anyone who does powerwalking can participate. This event is quite popular and has a number of participants from all across Australia.


The main category in Maroubra Fun Run Event is Running where you can participate in exciting races. This popular segment is open for people of all ages and experienced and amateur runners can both take part. You should start registering for this event as soon as possible and start practicing.

Wheelchair Race

Study says that 2.1 million Australians between the age of 15 and 64 years suffer from disability, and 4.4% of people use a wheelchair. Keeping this fact in mind, we have also included a wheelchair race in this grand event. In past events, this particular category became quite popular because the participants received a lot of appreciation.

Half Marathon

Be a part of our exciting half marathon category of the Maroubra Fun Run Event. If you believe that you have the strength and stamina to cover 21.097km, then this event is for you. Kids are not allowed to participate in this race. For joggers, walkers and slower runners, this category is perfect.

Family Fun Run

It is another important event of the Maroubra Fun Run Event. In this race, families can run together and can walk, jog or run to cover the distance. Your entire family group of friends can participate by paying a nominal charge. Whether you live in Sydney or any other part of New South Wales, make sure you visit the event.

The Team

Our Excellent Volunteers

The main reason why we successfully carry out the entire event every year without any chaos is our volunteers. We have a proficient team who know their specific role and make sure that they get the job done in a perfect manner. Our volunteers, who are from various parts of Sydney and NSW, are involved in fundraising, organising the fest, coordinating the race, providing updates about the event on social media and many more tasks. Without the help of volunteers, it is not possible to organise such a grand event and such a large scale. The president of the Maroubra Fun Run Event and the rotary club is Steve Robinson, while the vice president is Olivia Walker. They are managing the entire event for the last many years and made it one of the best running events in New South Wales.
Our volunteers focus on every single detail and make it a success because raising a fund is their topmost priority. It is a fun process because the entire event involves different types of competitions for everyone, including running, half marathon, wheelchair race, race-walking and much more. We also support various NGOs and charitable organisations in NSW. These organisations take care of cancer patients, homeless people, and those who are suffering from mental health issues. We make efforts to encourage people of all ages to participate in the event and raise the funds for a good cause. We believe in equality and that’s why we give chance to everyone in the fun run events.
Their commitment, dedication, hard work and desire to make a contribution to society has made this event possible.

Know about the Race

Rules and Regulations

Maroubra Fun Run Event follows all the professional rules & regulations, and all the volunteers are aware of that. The gun time will be the basis of the official results, but participants will receive the gun time as well as the net time on finisher certificates.

The Participants cannot use any prams, scooters, cycles or wheelchairs (unless it is a wheelchair race).

The Participants cannot use any prams, scooters, cycles or wheelchairs (unless it is a wheelchair race).

The Participants cannot use any prams, scooters, cycles or wheelchairs (unless it is a wheelchair race).

The Participants cannot use any prams, scooters, cycles or wheelchairs (unless it is a wheelchair race).




Family Fun Run

How to Enter

Participate in Maroubra Fun Run Event

If you want to witness the event as a spectator, then you can directly reach the place directly. But if you want to participate, register yourself. For that, you need to fill a form with your basic details and mentioned the event you are interested in.

Celebrate the Event

Enjoy the Maroubra Fest

If you don’t want to participate in any race and wonder if the event has anything else to offer, then you must not be aware of the fest that takes place after the end of the race event. In this fest, you can enjoy live music, drinks, different types of delicious food, games, and several other activities. This Maroubra Fest also makes this event so popular and a major factor why thousands of people from different parts of Sydney and New South Wales travel to this Maroubra to become a part of this event. There is no entry fee, but you need to pay for the food, drinks and games. So, enjoy the Maroubra Fest with your friends and family and make this event a memorable one.

The Rotary club of Maroubra organises the fun run event as well as the fest in order to raise money for charity.

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