What We Do

The Maroubra Fun Run Event is organised every year, and it is one of the most popular fun runs not only in Sydney but entire New South Wales. The Maroubra rotary club organises this event with the help of some dedicated and proficient volunteers. This excellent fun run event is consists of different types of competitions, which include running, racewalking, wheelchair race, half marathon, family-run, etc. These are further divided into different age groups to keep the competitions as fair as possible. From print media to electronic media in Sydney and NSW, everyone covers this grand event, further spreading its popularity.

Our volunteers leave no stone unturned to make it a success and raise as much fun as possible to support various charitable organisations and NGOs. These organisations make efforts to support cancer patients, people suffering from mental health, battle poverty, help homeless people, and protect Australia’s wildlife and nature. This is an open fun run event, which everyone can participate in it irrespective of age, gender, location, nationality, etc. The primary objective of this event is to raise maximum funds for a good cause but also to create an atmosphere where different kinds of people can come together and develop a bond.

Our History

The Maroubra Fun Run Event was started many years ago, and it was initiated by Greg Anderson and George Robinson, two social activists. In its first year, less than fifty people participated in the event, and only the running event was there. However, with each passing year, the event became popular, and as a result, more and more people started to participate in it. After a few years, other categories like racewalking and half marathon was also included to make the event more happening and raise more funds for the charities. To take the fun run event to the next level, it was decided to organise a fest after the competition, where people can experience the fun of a carnival with friends and family. We take pride in collecting and giving millions of dollars to charitable organisations over the years.

Our Vision

With the help of the Maroubra Fun Run Event, we want to provide every possible support, particularly financial, to all those organisations in Australia who are working for unfortunate and needy people in our society. We also want to develop a healthy environment where more and more people participate in activities like running.

Our Mission

We want to increase the size of this event and make it the biggest fun run event in the entire New South Wales, so more people from different states participate in this event. We want to extend our helping hand to other cities and states as well as support charitable organisations and hospitals.

Our Values

The rotary club in Maroubra that organises the fun run event believes humanity comes before anything else. So, every member and volunteers of the event want to make a contribution to society. We also value the unity of the people, motivation, achievements, and fighting spirit that are visible in a running event.

Our Strength

Our volunteers are our real strength, who makes every possible effort to ensure that the Maroubra Fun Run Event becomes successful. They not only help to raise funds also make sure that the people enjoy the event to the fullest and stay safe.


Max Anderson

"If you are not a professional athlete but have the desire to run in a competition, then Maroubra Fun Run Event. Hundreds and thousands of people participate to experience the thrill of competitive sport with all the limelight. I am participating for the last three years and looking forward to the upcoming one."

George Harris

"Maroubra Fun Run Event is one of a kind event that is not only exciting but also gives you some sort of satisfaction. You know that the money you will spend to participate in the race or purchase food, drinks, etc., is for a good cause. Therefore, I love to participate and recommend other people the same."

Lucas Walker

"Last year, when I was planning for a getaway, one of my friends suggested to me that we should go to Maroubra Fun Run Event, which happens every year. I am not a person who is found about the workout, but I loved running in the event. The event creates an atmosphere that gives you motivation. It was an amazing experience."

Charlotte White

"Maroubra Fun Run Event is the best running event that I have visited. Its electrifying atmosphere gives you the motivation you need to run and cross the finishing line. And let's not forget the amazing feat so much variety of food, drinks, stalls, activities and all."

Grace Turner

"I would recommend everyone who lives in Sydney and nearby places to participate in Maroubra Fun Run Event. By doing it, you not only help them to raise funds for the charity work but also get a chance to run with thousands of people, which is a unique experience. I visit the event last year with my entire family, and we all loved it."

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